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PROGENY 280W Portable Solar Power Generator Review

PROGENY 280W Portable Solar Power Generator Review

The Progeny 280W Portable Solar Generator is a portable source of power used outdoors or indoors. Here is how it compares to other portable power banks we review.

The power bank generates enough power to charge tablets, mobile phones, cameras, laptops, smart TVs, and other small devices under 300w. The power bank is suitable for use in the RV trips, Camping, and other off-road expeditions where fast and easy power on the run is necessary.

While camping and being outdoors is undoubtedly fun and entertaining, let’s face it, going off-grid can be a bit cumbersome. It’s a hassle having to worry about where you’re going to charge your phone and if your laptop has enough juice left to get you through the weekend.

Portable solar power generators like the Progeny reviewed here can be an excellent tool for making off-grid adventures a bit more like home.

Specifications of the PROGENY 280W Portable Power Solar Generator


The device is portable owing to its weight of only 5.7 pounds. The power bank is light and easy to carry using its convenient handle. It’s light enough to carry around, and the handle is robust enough to be strapped to a backpack, bike, or ATV without worries of it snapping and breaking off.


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The Progeny Can Charge A Lot

The PROGENY 280W Portable Power Solar Generator has dimensions of 14 x 8 x 5.6 inches. The size allows you to easily carry your solar generator around in a backpack as it occupies less space.

No one is a fan of big and bulky on camping, hiking, hunting and fishing trips. This portable generator is, in fact, small enough to quickly bring along for the adventure without having to rent a UHAUL trailer to haul it around from camp site to camp site!

Power Sources

The device is charged using solar power, a wall charger, or a car charger. You can use the 60W or 100W solar panels to charge the device. The power bank can charge to full charge using solar panels within 8-10 hours or 5-6 hours when charging in the car.

While solar charging is the bee’s knees, it’s not always feasible. Having different charging options is a great feature, especially when the weather is poor or you need a quick charge to boost the battery and don’t have the time to wait for the slower solar charging system.


The PROGENY 280W Portable Power Solar Generator has an inbuilt AC Output of 110V, 3DC 12V/5A, and 2 USB/3.1A. This provides plenty of power and different charging options for a variety of devices charging at once.


With its 27 pack 18650 high-density lithium battery pack, the generator has a long-lasting power supply of 280Wh (3.7 V 67500mAh12V 10Ah)

The lithium power pack is nice because it can withstand repeated charges and energy drains without any loss of power like NIMH or NiCad cells can be prone to.

Lithium batteries are also smaller and weigh much less than lead core batteries.

PROGENY 280W Pros & Cons


  • Long-Lasting Power Supply
  • Unlike other weak portable power generators, the PROGENY 280W Portable Power Solar Generator can power a CPAP for 3-4 nights when fully charged and using DC.
  • CPAP machines are always a good benchmark when we review these portable solar power generators. Lots of people use CPAP anti-snore machines, and they do drain power consistently.
  • Good for Multipurpose Use
  • The generator can generate both AC (Alternate Current) and DC (Direct Current).
  • The ability to generate AC/DC makes it suitable for all types of devices consuming different amounts of power.
  • No, it won’t make Angus Young magically appear in your tent!
  • Highly Portable
  • The PROGENY 280W Portable Power Solar Generator is light and easy to transport through the wilderness.
  • A comfortable strap is also included to allow you to carry the power bank over a shoulder or sling it to a backpack, bike, ATV, Kayak or canoe.
  • It’s not waterproof though so don’t go barreling down any raging whitewater or through any torrential down-pours and expect it to survive.
  • It is water-resistant, but it is not water proof-primarily because of all of the charging and plugs on the sides of the unit.
  • Environmental Friendly & Safe
  • The PROGENY 280W Portable Power Solar Generator produces zero emissions so it can be used indoors in unventilated areas without any worries.
  • Unlike gas generators which can create poisonous fumes and gases and require proper ventilation and outdoor use, the Progeny is safe to use anywhere.
  • Charges Quickly
  • The device charges to full charge in less than 8 hours in the sun, wall socket, or car charger. Luckily enough, the device stores power for much longer, depending on your power consumption needs.
  • The large capacity lithium battery back inside this power bank is designed to charge quickly while providing long stretches of continuous power as well as short to moderate bursts of more intense, high voltage power needs.
  • Supports Short Circuit Protection
  • Most traditional generators do not have short circuit protection. The short circuit protection protects your devices from possible harm when being re-charged.
  • This is very important when you are charging expensive devices like phones, I-pads, Android tablets, laptops, GPS units, Apple Watches, and more. Many of these devices incorporate sensitive charging circuitry that can be easily damaged by voltage spikes. The in-line circuit protection built into the Progeny 280W power bank helps to cut off any damaging electrical current.


  • Inability to Power Very High Drain Devices: The PROGENY 280W Portable Power Solar Generator is best for powering up devices that consume less than 300W. For power guzzlers, you will need a more significant device. If you plan to bring along a home entertainment system with a big screen TV or sit in the tent running an XBOX or PS4 for hours on end you are probably going to need a larger power bank.
  • Only two USB Ports: There are only two USB ports for charging your smartphones. This may be a turn off for many people that charge more than two smartphones at a go.
  • Purchasing a USB splitter adapter is an easy way to add more ports, however.
PROGENY 280W Portable Solar Power Generator Review

Camping Product Rating: (4.5/5)

PROGENY 280W Portable Solar Power Generator

The Progeny 280W portable solar power generator is a great option for folks who are hiking, camping, backpacking, gun hunting, crossbow hunting, fishing and out and about in the wilderness where there are no outlets. It’s compact size is a great feature, and it is built tough enough to withstand some abuse without breaking.

This is the type of solar power station one can throw in a backpack and not have to worry about. It will be there, ready to amp up your laptop, phone, radio or CPAP in a moments notice.

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Our review of the PROGENY 280W Portable Power Solar Generator confirms it is a trusted portable solar power supply with a robust design that is built to last.

The PROGENY 280W Portable Power Solar Generator has an 18 Month Warranty which protects from manufacture defects and primary battery failure.

While lithium batteries are designed to last a very long time and retain their energy levels through hundreds and thousands of charge/drain cycles, there is always a chance you might get stuck with a unit which has a bad battery.

Having the warranty is a good safeguard against this because many battery issues will appear right away out of the box.

With a 67500mAh lithium-ion battery, a 110V AC outlet, three 12V DC outputs, USB outputs, and more, the Progeny 280W solar power bank is an excellent choice for going off-grid on outdoor adventures of all types.

The fact that it is safe to use indoors is also a great plus!

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PROGENY 280W Portable Solar Power Generator Review
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Kenneth is an avid camper and amateur survivalist who has been passionate about wild places his whole life. Ken loves taking new camping gear out in the woods and putting it through the "Ken Test". Favorite place to be: Glacier National Park in MT.

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