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Our Best Picks: Solar Power Generators Under $500

best solar power banks to buy for 500

Access to electricity when out camping, hiking, or exploring the outdoors is always a challenge. Let’s face it, there aren’t many power outlets out in the woods! Luckily there are several top-rated solar power banks that can be bought for $500 and under.

Even better, many of these top-performing solar generators are bristling with features and are available in compact formats for fast and easy mobility.

Solar power generators have evolved gradually both in price and quality over the years. Portable solar power generators are reliable, fast, and safe to use during outdoor activities where electricity is not available at hand.

Deciding on the particular generator to use is not easy as different generators come with varying features. When choosing the most appropriate generator to use, buyers take into consideration these features.

Some of these features include input and output capacity, charging options, and warranty.

1.    Jackery Portable Solar Generator

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Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 500, 518Wh Outdoor Solar Generator Mobile Lithium Battery Pack with 110V/500W AC Outlet (Solar Panel Optional) for Road Trip Camping, Outdoor AdventureThis outdoor power station provides a steady power supply to a wide range of AC devices such as phones, laptops, and carports. It has the following features;

  • A power output of 110V/500W AC
  • 2BMS system managing over-temperature, over-voltage and offers over-current protection ensuring that you can charge even sensitive devices, e.g., laptop
  • Multiple rechargeable options such as using a carport within 16 hours both off-road and on-road, using an AC outlet for eight hours or under the full sun for 14 hours using a solar panel of 100W.

2.    AIMTOM SPS-500 Solar-Ready-Generator

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AIMTOM 540Wh Portable Power Station, Lithium Battery Pack with 110V/500W AC, 12V DC, USB, Carport, USB-C, Solar-Ready Generator Alternative (Solar Panel Optional) for Outdoor RV Camping EmergencyThis generator contains a lithium battery that has a high output and can charge multiple devices simultaneously, making it one of the best emergency-generator choices when setting out for outdoor adventures. Its features include;

  • 3 USB ports, one USD-C port, two DC ports, one carport, and two wall outlets.
  •  It has a 540Wh battery capacity.
  •  A 110V/500W AC output.
  • It is 20% lighter and 25% more compact than other generators with similar capacity.
  • Can charge through various ways; through solar panels, wall charging, and using car charging cable.

3.    Kyng Emergency Solar Power Portable Generator 

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KYNG Power Solar Generator Portable Power Station 540Wh 1000w Peak Lithium Battery Back Up Power Supply Emergency, CPAP, Outdoors, Camping, Silent Generator Rechargeable Inverter, 4 USB, AC Outlet
This generator is highly reliable to provide a continuous supply of power in case of emergencies and easily rechargeable. Some of its features include;

  •  It has a 100% guarantee accompanied by a one year warranty.
  • It comes with two AC outlets, four USB ports, and three Dc ports and can safely charge a maximum of nine devices.
  • It is a compact and lightweight generator making it easy to carry around.
  • It has an immense power capacity of 540Wh-1000W with a 500W continuous power supply.

4.    AIMTOM SPS-300 Portable Power

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AIMTOM 300-Watt Portable Power Station - 280Wh Battery Powered Generator Alternative with 12V, 24V, AC and USB Outputs - Solar Rechargeable Lithium Backup Power - for Camping Outdoors RV EmergencyThis power generator has a high battery capacity, enough to provide power continually during your outdoor activities. It is also suitable for emergencies. Some of its features include;

  •  It is rechargeable via AC wall outlet, carport, and solar panel.
  •  It has an output of 110V.
  •  It has a built-in MPPT for optimized charging.
  • Has an LCD to keep track of battery usage.


5.    nrgGo Portable Power Station Battery

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nrgGo 400 Portable Power Station Battery - Portable Solar Generator w/1200W Pure Sine Wave Surge Inverter - Small Quiet Portable Generators for Home Use, Power Outages, Camping, Refridgerator, CPAPThis solar generator is a w/1200W Pure Sine Wave Surge Inverter. The generator incorporates the following features;

  • It has two AC outlets and can power a device up to 3000W with a 1200W surge.
  • A battery countdown timer that shows how much time is left for it to be wholly charged or drained.
  • Its battery cells have comprehensive protection to avoid short-circuiting and protect charging devices.
  • It has a 60W USB-C PD Port ensuring that it can charge any USB-C compatible devices.
  •  Has a one 12Vpower output and 12V standard male adapters to charge other devices.

6.    Rockpals 250W Portable Power Station 

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Rockpals 250-Watt Portable Generator Rechargeable Lithium Battery Pack Solar Generator with 110V AC Outlet, 12V Car, USB Output Off-grid Power Supply for CPAP Backup Camping Emergency (Renewed)

The Rockpal generator is well suited for outdoor activities such as camping and weekend adventures due to its high battery capacity. Some of its features include;

  • Has Pure Sine Wave technology to protect devices charging through it.
  • It has temperature control, circuit, and overcharge protection.
  • It contains a 240WH battery power capacity.
  •  It has an upgraded AC output to supply 250W continuously, two USB, and four DC ports.
  •  It is rechargeable via three ways, which are through a wall outlet, plugging into a car socket, and using a compatible solar panel.

7.    MAXOAK BLUETTI EB150 generator

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MAXOAK Portable Power Station BLUETTI EB150 1500Wh AC110V/1000W Camping Solar Generator Lithium Emergency Battery Backup with 2 AC outlet Pure Sinewave,DC12V,USB-C for Outdoor Road Trip Travel FishingThis generator has the longest lasting lithium power station and contains top-brand battery cells. These battery cells give assurance that it has the best quality. Some of its features include;

  • Has a battery capacity of 1500Wh and can charge devices of not more than 1000W.
  • Has a built-In LG battery cell.
  •  It contains multiple outputs: two AC outlets, one DC, one PD Type-C for USB-C compatible devices.
  • It is rechargeable in three different ways: through compatible solar panels, wall outlets, and plugging into a carport.
  •  It has a battery management system, an LCD screen, an MPPT Solar Charing, and inclusive of an MC4 solar charging cable.

8.    Suaoki 150W generator

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SUAOKI Portable Power Station, 150Wh/100W Camping Generator Lithium Power Supply UL Certified with Dual 110V AC Outlet, 4 DC Ports, 4 USB Ports, LED Flashlights for Camping Travel Emergency BackupIt is the smallest 150Wh generator in the market, considering its power output supply. Designed for outdoor activities such as weekend trips and camping. It contains the following features;

  •  It has multiple charging ports, which include four DC outputs, two AC outlets, one QC 3.0 USB, and three USB ports.
  • It is rechargeable through compatible solar panels, car adapter, and wall charge.
  • Has an emergency flashlight
  • It has an LED indicator to show the battery status.
  • Its design is user-friendly, making it easily portable.

9.    Kyng Continuous Emergency Power Station

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KYNG Power Solar Generator Portable Power Station 540Wh 1000w Peak Lithium Battery Back Up Power Supply Emergency, CPAP, Outdoors, Camping, Silent Generator Rechargeable Inverter, 4 USB, AC OutletThis generator is ranked as the best seller generator since it is highly reliable, secure, friendly to use as is silent and light, making it easily portable. Its features include;

  • It runs on a lithium-ion battery.
  • It has a battery capacity of 288Wh/500W chargeable to a peak of 100-W.
  • It contains a Pure Sine-Inverter and an emergency LED flashlight.
  • It comes with an eighteen-month warranty and a 100% guarantee.
  • It is rechargeable through wall outlets, carport, and compatible solar panels.
Solar Power Generators Under $500BatteryOutputRating
Jackery Portable Solar Generator
Jackery Portable Solar Generator
Check Price
518Wh (24Ah, 21.6V)110V, 500W (1000W peak.)5
AIMTOM SPS-500 Solar-Ready-Generator-Alternative
AIMTOM SPS-500 Solar-Ready-Generator-Alternative
Check Price
1 Lithium500-Watt powe5
Kyng Emergency Solar Power Portable Generator
AIMTOM SPS-500 Solar-Ready-Generator-Alternative
Check Price
540Wh – 1000W3 DC ports, 3 USB ports, 1 AC outlet
| 24 Volt
AIMTOM SPS-300 Portable Power
AIMTOM SPS-300 Portable Power
Check Price
75,000mAh 280Wh lithiumthree 12V outputs, one 24V output and one 12V car port5
nrgGo Portable Power Station Battery
BaoFeng UV-82HP
Check Price
solar powered, battery-powered1 12V Output4

A compact and lightweight design make these solar power banks easily portable and a great choice for any outdoor activities where electricity is sparse or non-existent.

Think about what you plan to charge or power with your generator and make sure the model you select has the appropriate electrical, USB, and other charging ports that you require.

If you’re really going to be “roughing it” consider a waterproof model for additional durability when your out and about. Any of the excellent quality solar generators on this page is a great choice for $500 and under. Buy one and head outside for some adventure and easy solar power on the fly!

If you are low on cash and don’t want to spend in the $500 range for a solar power bank consider checking out our list of the top-rated solar generators for $200 or less. We break down the top models and layout which offer the best features for the money.

If you have an entire home or RV you want to power off the grid, consider one of these larger power stations in the $2000 range. They offer massive battery storage and enough output to power multiple appliances at once while charging smaller devices.


Written by Kenneth Craig

Kenneth is an avid camper and amateur survivalist who has been passionate about wild places his whole life. Ken loves taking new camping gear out in the woods and putting it through the "Ken Test". Favorite place to be: Glacier National Park in MT.

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