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Best Trailer Hitch Cargo Carriers For Camping

Trailer Hitch Mounted Cargo Carriers: Editors Top Picks

trailer hitch cargo carrier

One of the challenges of family camping is figuring out how to haul all that camping gear to and from the campsite.

With smaller hybrid and electric vehicles becoming more and more popular, families are finding it challenging to pack a vehicle with family members and all that camping gear!

Roof rack cargo carriers are always an option but not all vehicles have cargo racks up on the roof, and adding them can be expensive.

hitch mount cargo carrier for campingMany campers turn to hitch-mounted cargo carriers as a faster and easier means of transporting camping gear.

All one needs is a trailer hitch to accommodate hitch-mounted cargo carriers which are designed to slide into the receiver and be fastened securely with a metal pin.

It’s the same process as sliding in a receiver hitch, only instead of just a ball there is a spacious metal platform ready to transport all your heavy and cumbersome camping gear.

When choosing a hitch mount cargo carrier you will want to consider your needs and how big your load will be. There are many available types and styles so take the time to research will pay off. Some carriers are designed to work for specific items only.

For example, a person might require a specific style of hitch mount carrier for tractor-trailers. Other carriers are universal and can be used for most types of cars.

Best In Class Hitch Mount Cargo Carriers

Here’s our list of favorites! Con’t forget to check the size of your trailer hitch before you buy! 11/4″ and 2″ receiver hitches are not compatible so make sure you purchase the correct size.

ROLA 59502 Vortex Steel Cargo Carrier

ROLA’s Vortex Steel Cargo carrier is designed for ultimate versatility. This carrier features a large, 56″ x 23″ flat platform with a pass-through design that makes transporting bulkier items like, coolers, camping gear, bags, and other equipment from the back of a vehicle through tailgates into campsites or hunting locations.

A built-in loop keeps equipment upright and enclosed with the integrated cargo net while preventing any sliding issues. Using a hitch-mounted carrier removes all the hassle of loading essential gear into the trunk or backseat.

This carrier will help you transport up to 600 lbs of cargo in your ride. Also, it has an installed option that will carry a hitch license plate without disrupting available cargo space.

This durable polyester rope and steel cargo carrier is designed for easy loading and unloading and can be attached to 2″ sq. receivers on cars, trucks, SUVs, vans or other large vehicles. It’s easy to install and remove with an optional lighting system, ideal for nighttime deliveries.


  • The dimensions of this carrier is 56 x 23 x 5 Inches.
  • It provides free space for your vehicle
  • It is made of strong, high-quality, heavy-duty steel material with a durable black powder coating that prevents rust and scratches.
  • It has easy installation, 2-piece assembly with attachment points for a vehicle license plate
  • This high-capacity carrier allows you to transport up to 600 lbs of cargo in your ride.
  • Rainproof with high capacity.

CURT 18152 Basket Hitch Cargo Carrier

The CURT basket cargo carrier is designed to help you organize your car, truck or van by maximizing its storage capacity is an easy, affordable way to get more out of your vehicle and keep gear and supplies close at hand.

Its design lets you mount it on the front or back of your car, opening your receiver hitch for towing a trailer, bike rack or extra-long cargo carrier. It can even handle carrying long items such as ladders and skis. This carrier features a 2″ x 2″ bent shank to provide more ground clearance.

It has a mesh platform to keep items more secure. This hitch basket has a weight rating of 500 lbs, and it is capable of transporting any load up to the size of 53″ x 28″ x 14″.

This basket style carrier features steel construction coated with powder coating to protect the steel material and leg from scratches and rust, have welded seams for added durability, and the tag-along carrying bar makes accessing items at the back of the carrier easy and safe.


  • The dimensions of this carrier are 24 x 6 x 60 inches.
  • This carrier is constructed from a combination of high-quality tubular steel and steel mesh.
  • This hitch-mounted cargo carrier is made from tubular steel to promote high strength and a lightweight design.
  • The basket can carry up to 500lb of weight.
  • It features 6-inch high walls that can be used for fastening a cargo net or a cargo bag.
  • An angled shank provides additional ground clearance for low profile vehicles.
  • This cargo carrier keeps your items secure during travel.

Goplus 500LBS Cargo Carrier Basket 

The Goplus 500lbs cargo carrier includes a hitch-mounted design to make installation quick and easy. Features include a robust steel construction for durability, an open floor with powder finished, and anti-loose screws to keep your cargo in place. Transport everything from camping supplies to messy items, freeing up precious space inside your vehicle.

It is not just easy to use but offers exceptional durability and convenience as well. This cargo basket is 53 inches long and 19 inches wide, and can easily carry cargo that weighs up to 500 lbs. Besides, the hollow shank of this cargo carrier basket fits all industry-standard 2″ receiver-type trailer hitches perfectly.


  • The dimensions of this carrier are 53 x 19 x 4.5 inches.
  • It is made of sturdy steel with corrosion-resistant; black powder-coated finish.
  • The basket can carry up to 500lb of weight.
  • This basket is Used to carry camping supplies, travel goods, and road trip essentials.
  • Its Universal design makes the cargo basket trailer fits virtually any industry-standard 2-inch hitch receiver. The concrete, stainless steel fasteners on the top ensure that the car’s rear frame is well fixed.

CURT 18153 Basket Hitch Cargos

CURT’s basket hitch cargo carrier offers a sturdy and robust way to maximize your vehicle’s storage capacity. The basket hitch cargo carrier features a 2″ x 2″ square bent, folding shank for more ground clearance and to fold up out of the way whenever necessary. It also comes with a robust mesh platform to accept up 500 lbs. of cargo.

The basket hitch carrier is made with heavy-duty carbide steel with durable black powder coat finish to resist rust, scratches and UV damage. It has a tubular construction for increased strength. The basket style provides extra security for your cargo.


  • The dimensions of this carrier are 60 x 24 x 6 inches.
  • It is made of heavy-duty carbide steel with a corrosion-resistant black powder-coated finish.
  • The basket can carry up to 500 lbs. of weight.
  • This carrier has 6 inches wall that allows you to fasten a cargo net or cargo bag.
  • Its angled shank provides additional ground clearance.
  • This hitch cargo carrier frees up valuable cargo space and keeps your items safe.
  • It features a foldable design and built-in safety measures, including side reflectors to promote visibility.


Hitch mounted car carriers are great because they make transporting cargo much easier on busy roadways. It is also safer than using a normal car carrier.

They can easily be attached to most cars since most cars will have at least a fair amount of height. The majority of these carriers also come with hitch features that allow you to lock or unlock the doors from the inside of the car itself.

Folding Carriers – The folding carriers are lightweight and made from aluminum. This makes them easy to store and transport. They are not as sturdy though and are not recommended for large loads. They can be easily lifted into a vehicle, driven to the destination, and then set up once they are loaded. There is not much room in this type of cargo trailer.

It’s important to strap everything down securely of course! It would be a real bummer to pull into a campsite and realize your tent and camping grill fell off on the way there!

And it’s also important to remember that anything fastened to the hitch cargo carrier is also going to be exposed to the elements so care should be taken to only include items that are weatherproof and will not be harmed by rain, snow or slush.

Hitch mounted cargo carriers can be an extremely convenient way to transport cargo on your hitch. They are convenient because you do not have to deal with using a lorry or trailer which can be cumbersome and decrease your gas mileage.

trailer hitch cargo carrierHitch mounted cargo carriers are commonly used in residential areas and for camping trips. They are a convenient way to transport goods and can be adjusted to transport heavy loads as needed.

They are an affordable way to transport goods from one location to another. A cargo carrier system can be purchased and are typically easy to install. Many companies that sell such systems will also provide installation services free of charge.


Written by Jakob Coleman

Camping, hiking are my passions in life! Growing up in Buffalo, WY I've been lucky enough to live at the doorstep of the Bighorn Mountains where I spend most of my free time backpacking, exploring, and testing new camping gear!

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