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REI Co-op Kingdom Cot 3 Review 

REI Co-op Kingdom Cot 3 Review

You may be wondering why is this camping cot fourth on our top 5 chart since it is perhaps the most luxurious out of them all. Well, the reason is that there are some small downsides to having such a comfortable and bulky “bed” with you on your camping trip. Still, REI has been known for years to make one of the best outdoors equipment and this is by far no exception to that rule. Let’s dive deeper into the Co-Op Kingdom Cot 3 now. 

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Our Verdict: This camping cot features more padding than what you’ll find on most standard camping and hiking cots. The thicker padding will keep you nice and warm during the colder months of the year, but the lack of breathability can make this cot uncomfortable to use in higher temperatures. The legs of the cot are highly adjustable, which makes this cot perfect for uneven surfaces. Additionally, the cot’s capped feet will protect the tent’s floor from snags and tears. Bottom line, this cot is perfect for use in the fall, winter, and early spring. Since it’s sleeping surface doesn’t feature a highly breathable design we wouldn’t recommend it for use during the summer.

Keep reading to learn more about this leading model by REI.

Product Overview And Features

If you have purchased REI camping gear in the past, then you’re already familiar with the type of quality you can expect. This is a popular model to use during colder weather, thanks to the extra-thick sleeping surface pad that will keep you nice and warm. The cot’s impressive clearance comes in at over a foot, which makes this cot a great choice for people with disabilities who have trouble getting on and off traditional camping cots. This extra clearance space also allows you to safely store your gear when not in use, so you’ll stay well organized.

Right off the bat, this thing is ridiculously comfortable. In all honesty, only the Chinook 29250 model we reviewed can rival this level of comfort. Still, all that comfort and padding comes at a heavy price. And we literally mean heavy. This cot weighs in at roughly 20 pounds and takes quite the trunk volume as well, so backpack hikers look away, as this isn’t meant for you. This product is targeting campers who settle down at a single location for days instead of changing camping sites each and every day. 

One of the biggest selling points for this particular model is the adjustable backrest. The manufacturer claims this cot can provide much-needed lumbar support, allowing you to sleep more comfortably at night, but how did this cot perform when put to the test?

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Structure, Materials, And Dimensions

The product engineers over at REI haven’t even tried to reduce weight on this thing. The tubing is made from a mixture of aluminum and stainless-steel. This brings you great structural strength and rigidity. The powder-coated frame of the sleeping surface can last you for years. Same cannot be told for the multi-position twist knobs. They are made of plastic and are known to break easily as early as the 5th camping you take this cot to. When they break your cot won’t really be able to lay flat and the center legs won’t be able to touch the ground. It is a well-known issue which pretty much ruins the overall image of this model. 

We tested it out by deploying it tens of times consecutively and none of those setups broke anything. Maybe people skip the instructions manual (which is very detailed by the way). 

The padding is amazing and the sleeping surface is made from a quick-drying polyester fabric which isn’t exactly waterproof but dries out very quickly. When it comes to sleeping comfort, though, this same padding kind of prevents you from comfortably sleeping on your tummy or on your sides, so it’s more of a sleep-on-your-back only camping cot. 

Also, small people tend to sink into this cot due to the fact that it is quite large. Big people on the other hand, will find out that it sinks a little more than a regular cot. This can lead to a sore back in the morning. 

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Product Weight and User Weight Capacity

This unique camping cot comes with its own pros and cons that will ultimately depend on your camping style and needs.

If you’re looking for a camping cot that you can use for your next month long hiking trip traveling through the backcountry, this isn’t the model for you. As we mentioned, the cot itself weighs in at twenty pounds, which definitely takes away some points for portability. If you normally set up a base and hike out, then the heavier weight won’t be an issue. But the serious hiker often looks for a lighter weight cot they can attach to their pack for several weeks of hiking in the backcountry. Considering the cot’s heavier construction, this cot should only be used at a permanent campsite.

The max user weight comes in at an impressive three hundred pounds, which is higher than average. Most camping cots have a max user weight of two hundred to two hundred and fifty pounds, so the higher than average max weight capacity is a big deal, especially for larger campers or parents in search of a cot that can accommodate both kids.

Other Interesting Features

Remember that position-adjustment knob that we mentioned earlier? Well, it can regulate the angle of your cot, just like with the Chinook 29250. This is an excellent sunbed if you ask us. 

The cot’s backrest is highly adjustable, making it a great choice if you need a cot that can provide extra lumbar support or want to spend some time sitting up, reading in bed before lights out. 

The 14 inches of ground clearance make it ideal for storing your items beneath it as well. You won’t need an extra layer of insulation during the colder months of the year since it’s already thick enough but you might want to dress more lightly during the summer months since it will most definitely get you sweating. 


This cot is unlike a traditional camping cot, which is basically designed to keep you off the ground, away from insects and wildlife in general, while providing a firm sleeping surface that can help prevent many of the aches and pains that come with sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag. Unlike a traditional cot, this model is designed more for comfort than hiking and camping convenience. The thick sleeping pad combined with the adjustable backrest can give you a taste of home, allowing you to rest comfortably at night. The thick padding will keep you comfortable and warm, but it’s not breathable, which makes it a bad choice for use in the summer. The cot’s adjustable knob allows you to adjust the backrest, for improved lumbar support. The knob works fairly well but can stick at times. Overall, the cot received a lot of positive feedback from campers who prefer setting up a permanent base for the duration of their camping trip.

Obviously this is a camping cot you’ll want to pass on by if you’re looking for a backcountry friendly cot you can easily haul from one campsite to another.

Let’s check out some of its most noticeable pros and cons now:


  • Comfortable
  • Cheap
  • Construction is durable but has weak spots
  • Great for colder weather 
  • Thick plush sleeping pad
  • The extra ground clearance allows you to store your luggage below it


  • The plastic parts on this model are known to break
  • Small people can have issues with the level of comfort
  • Isn’t ideal for single-person tents
  • Bulky and heavy for a hiker
  • Sleeping pad is not breathable
The REI Co-op Kingdom Cot 3 Conclusion and Rating

Camping Product Rating: (4.5/5)

REI Co-op Kingdom Cot 3

REI offers campers a different style of camping cot, one that’s thick, plush, and heavy.

Most camping cots focus on their practicality aspects and on being lightweight and portable. The Co-Op Kingdom 3, on the other hand, focuses on bringing you the comfort of your own bed out in the camping site. Not only it is one of the most comfortable cots we’ve tested here, but it also is priced insanely low compared to its competition. The overall quality and durability presented here are well worth double the price that REI asks for this model. We gave it a four and a half out of five stars rating.

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Written by Kenneth Craig

Kenneth is an avid camper and amateur survivalist who has been passionate about wild places his whole life. Ken loves taking new camping gear out in the woods and putting it through the "Ken Test". Favorite place to be: Glacier National Park in MT.

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