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Hammock Tent Camping

Grand Teton National Park

What a better time to go camping then right now in the summer season. Every outdoor activity now feels a lot more brave and adventurous. I’ve done a lot of camping in the previous years, but none of them ended with me sleeping in a suspended tent until recently. Hammocks changed the way I feel about camping forever.

The new Hammocks used by campers are one of the best things that have happened for camping in a long while. At first, I couldn’t bring myself to understand the benefits, but after I tried it, I had no words to say against it. If you are concerned about improving your camping experience, then make sure to give these new hammocks for camping a try.

Some of the best moments never get captured by cameras and are not posted on any social media platform. They are kept in private and are cherished together with the best people. That’s why I love camping, and I think it’s the best place to get unforgettable moments in life.

people in hammocks tied between trees
Image by Jake Ingle on Unsplash.

Be A Hammock Camping Rock Star!

Hammock camping has taken off in popularity as more and more outdoorsy types explore camping while slung above mother earth. For almost any activity that you want to do camping, there is a hammock that’s ready to make your setup a lot better. You have to research and look for these things. Seeing as you have come to this article, then I can safely say that you are in the right place to get the necessary information.

Let’s look at some different types of camping tent hammocks and accessories.

Folding Tent Hammocks.

These are sold with metal stands and are best for car camping because they are more substantial. However, they offer the best of all words, so don’t be too much discouraged. They can easily get transported since they have a structure like a folding chair. Once you found the place that you want to sit and relax, they can pop back open and ready for you.

The Mock One's small footprint helps in situations like this one
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If you are having difficulties finding places where you can hang your hammock, then these may work the best for you. Most of them are also super easy to set up, and you are going to enjoy this product a lot.

Backpacking or Hiking Tent Hammocks

These lightweight hammocks are best for hiking or even backpacking, but only if you know what you are doing. These hammocks are going to get hanged differently from what the first type was. Hanging makes you feel freer when you sleep in it and generally is a better-relaxed method of relaxing.

photo of hammock outdoor
Image by Gorno Vranovotsi on Unsplashe.

In comparison to traditional tents, the lightweight backpacking tent hammocks are more comfortable and flexible. It doesn’t slow you down, and it is super easy to set up if you follow the instructions carefully. Depending on the brand that you choose, you can measure longevity, but when both types are the same brand and use the same way, there is a winner. Provided they also are kept in a typical environment and with regular usage as well, it’s generally believed that the hanged tents live longer.

That is not a scientifically proven fact, but with general knowledge, you can come to that conclusion as well since in a folded tent, there are more moving and mechanical parts. And they are prone to failing and getting damaged in the setup process.


Things every Hammock Tent should have.

Weatherproof Design. One of the most important things that a Hammock Tent should have is a weatherproof design. You don’t want to suddenly wake up from your sleep in your tent because it started to rain. That would really be a mood killer. That’s why one of the most requested additional items tent roofs.

man lying on hammock
Image by Mike Baker on Unsplash.

Bug netting. After a long and tiresome day touching nature, whether it be hiking or just camping, you decide to go lay down on your hammock. You fall asleep at the comfort of your body hanging. Then again, you suddenly wake up, but this time is because an insect decided to bite you, and now you regret your entire decision of not buying the extra bug netting. Yeah, totally didn’t happen to me that one time.

-Rainfly above the tent. In the summer, you only really need to set up a rain fly if you are expecting it to rain soon. Rain flys will keep in heat that would typically rise out of the top of your tent so it will be hotter inside of the tent in summer months with a rain fly off.

Secure anchoring system. I think everyone knows the importance of having a reliable anchoring system since no one wants to find themselves in the ground when they wake up. It’s a step that shouldn’t be overlooked, especially by beginners in camping since it is dangerous. What I’m implying is that the damage done by the anchoring system failing may damage you a lot. The falls aren’t always predictable. You could hit a rock, and significant problems occur after that. So take your time to set it up in the most secure way possible you can before sleeping in it.



A tent is a universal symbol of camping, such as a rod; for example, it is for fishing. Hammock tent camping is more comfortable, more enjoyable, and even easier to set up. It can be taken back down without getting compromised by its lightweight materials or minimalistic gear. Camping is the answer to relaxing your brain and how you do it doesn’t really matter.

Written by Jakob Coleman

Camping, hiking are my passions in life! Growing up in Buffalo, WY I've been lucky enough to live at the doorstep of the Bighorn Mountains where I spend most of my free time backpacking, exploring, and testing new camping gear!

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